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total room environment design

Our TRED™ approach relates to the holistic design of technical systems and the aural and visual building environment in which they operate. In executing our integrated acoustics, lighting and audio visual designs, we develop solutions with close reference to human ergonomics, psychology and comfort. We understand how our specialist fields interact with other building design disciplines and we pride ourselves on communicating technical requirements effectively to the wider project team.

industry leading expertise

Hanson Associates incorporates a diverse team of specialists, each recognised as experts in their respective fields of acoustics and audio visual engineering. As a founding member of the national consulting group, ICE Design, Hanson Associates regularly contributes to the world class talent of its interstate partnership and is able to service its clients from offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

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our services


Sound forms an integral part of the built environment, greatly affecting our ability to communicate with each other and to go about our day to day lives in relative comfort. Our acoustical engineering services address the wide range of human responses to the aural environment around us to deliver creative, cost-conscious solutions in the following areas:

  • Auditorium acoustics
  • Acoustics for critical listening spaces
  • General building acoustics
  • Speech intelligibility & privacy
  • Acoustic comfort & noise exposure
  • Building services noise & vibration control
  • Environmental & industrial noise control

audio visual

Audio visual systems form an essential business tool yet, all too often, they are poorly defined and implemented as an afterthought. Our AV and broadcast services are structured towards nurturing early dialogue with the client and closely integrating our designs with the project team as part of our total room environment design philosophy. Our expertise extends to the design of:

  • Audio and video systems
  • Electroacoustics
  • Broadcast systems
  • Theatre technical systems
  • Control and user interface development
  • Video conferencing
  • IPTV & digital signage
  • Sound systems for public address & emergency purposes

project management

In addition to our technical advice, we offer the added benefits of engaging our project management services. In this role we are able to coordinate an extended design team comprising architect and consulting engineers. As project managers, we provide transparent reporting back to our clients on matters relating to progress, budget and scope. We can offer guidance on the most appropriate procurement methods to suit individual client needs, and follow this up with full tender and contract management services. Importantly, we are able to identify ourselves as a single point of contact for the team and take responsibility for the timely delivery of the project.

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about us

Hanson Associates is a design-focused practice specialising in the acoustical and visual requirements of technical room environments where aspects of human communication, performance and comfort are important.

The company has established itself as a respected multi-disciplinary consultancy that combines its rigorous technical foundation with an approachable style of service delivery.

As a practice, we strive to de-mystify the fields of acoustics, technical systems and lighting to empower our clients and stakeholders to contribute to informed decision-making processes. We place great importance on communicating our advice clearly and concisely in spoken, written and graphical forms, and through the use of innovative 3D visualisation and auralisation techniques.

Whether we are influencing the building form, room finishes or integrating the technical infrastructure of multi media environments, we work creatively and professionally with the broader architectural and building engineering team to create innovative design solutions that are consciously directed towards our clients’ needs and budgets.

We take the time to listen to or clients to ensure we deliver smart, relevant and cost effective solutions

Hanson Associates is one of four founding members of ICE Design Australia. Formed In 2006, this organisation facilitates a network of associated consultants, each recognised as specialists in their particular fields of expertise, to collaborate seamlessly on project work. As part of our commitment to assign the best people to our projects, we will often draw on this network to provide a depth and breadth of experience in the design and commissioning of “Integrated Communication Environments” that is unprecedented in Australia.

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