In sound system design, Hanson Associates’ unique expertise across both audio visual and acoustic engineering disciplines sets it apart from the competition. In many of our buildings, the reliable delivery of highly intelligible speech or musical clarity is not trivial – it requires a thorough understanding of the room’s acoustical performance and the corresponding engineering sophistication demanded from the loudspeaker solution. We design:

  • Venue production sound systems
  • Critical speech reinforcement
  • Paging & emergency warning
  • Architectural-sensitive environments
  • Soundscape and exhibits
  • Bespoke loudspeakers design
  • Assistive listening systems

We offer a comprehensive consultancy process that begins at project inception:

  • stakeholder consultation
  • project brief development
  • asset condition audit
  • site survey
  • feasibility study
  • planning and permit application
  • concept design
  • design development & documentation
  • tender management
  • construction phase service
  • contract management
  • commissioning & sign-off
  • post-completion debrief
  • periodic asset health check