Sound forms an integral part of the built environment, greatly affecting our ability to communicate with each other and to go about our daily lives in relative comfort. Our acoustical engineering services address the wide range of human responses to the aural environment to deliver creative, cost-conscious solutions in the following areas:

  • Auditorium acoustics
  • Acoustics for critical listening spaces
  • General building acoustics
  • Speech intelligibility & privacy
  • Acoustic comfort & noise exposure
  • Building services noise & vibration control
  • Environmental & industrial noise control

We offer a comprehensive consultancy process that begins at project inception:

  • stakeholder consultation
  • project brief development
  • asset condition audit
  • site survey
  • feasibility study
  • planning and permit application
  • concept design
  • design development & documentation
  • tender management
  • construction phase service
  • contract management
  • commissioning & sign-off
  • post-completion debrief
  • periodic asset health check