We offer a comprehensive consultancy process that begins at project inception:

  • stakeholder consultation
  • project brief development
  • asset condition audit
  • site survey
  • feasibility study
  • planning and permit application
  • concept design
  • design development & documentation
  • tender management
  • construction phase service
  • contract management
  • commissioning & sign-off
  • post-completion debrief
  • periodic asset health check


Sound forms an integral part of the built environment, greatly affecting our ability to communicate with each other and to go about our daily lives in relative comfort. Our acoustical engineering services address the wide range of human responses to the aural environment to deliver creative, cost-conscious solutions in the following areas:

  • Auditorium acoustics
  • Acoustics for critical listening spaces
  • General building acoustics
  • Speech intelligibility & privacy
  • Acoustic comfort & noise exposure
  • Building services noise & vibration control
  • Environmental & industrial noise control


In sound system design, Hanson Associates’ unique expertise across both audio visual and acoustic engineering disciplines sets it apart from the competition. In many of our buildings, the reliable delivery of highly intelligible speech or musical clarity is not trivial – it requires a thorough understanding of the room’s acoustical performance and the corresponding engineering sophistication demanded from the loudspeaker solution. We design:

  • Venue production sound systems
  • Critical speech reinforcement
  • Paging & emergency warning
  • Architectural-sensitive environments
  • Soundscape and exhibits
  • Bespoke loudspeakers design
  • Assistive listening systems

audio visual

Audio visual systems form an essential business tool yet, all too often, they are poorly defined or addressed too late in a project to properly influence the design of the operating environment. Our AV and broadcast services are structured towards nurturing early dialogue with the client and closely integrating our designs with the project team as part of our total room environment design philosophy. Our expertise extends to the design of:

  • Audio and video systems
  • Electroacoustics
  • Broadcast systems
  • Theatre technical systems
  • Control and user interface development
  • Video conferencing
  • IPTV & digital signage

our unique capabilities

… client-focused services that differentiate us from our competitors

project brief development

We prioritise this crucial phase of each and every project and take the extra time to listen to our clients, to understand their business drivers and to challenge the status quo.  Successful project outcomes that deliver smart, relevant and cost conscious solutions invariably derive from a thorough briefing process and to overlook it is a missed opportunity for our clients and for us as innovators.


Making informed decisions about the intangible aspects of sound can be challenging for project stakeholders.  As a breakthrough in the consultation process, we have developed a portable auralisation suite capable of recreating 3D sound simulations over a multi-channel loudspeaker system, empowering our clients to listen to their buildings and contribute to the project team’s decision making.

electroacoustic commissioning

A general lack of skills and craftsmanship in the audio industry often results in loudspeaker installations failing to realise their full performance potential.  In a true end-to-end service, Hanson Associates offers an electroacoustic commissioning service that guarantees loudspeaker installations achieve the design intent and ensure our clients’ investments are fully realised.