Currently under construction in Victoria is the new Shepparton Law Courts building. This project is a “green field” courtroom technology site that has provided Court Services Victoria and ICE Design a unique opportunity to explore new generation technologies in acoustically controlled courtroom environments in the pursuit of an “exemplar” project outcome and one which could be templated for future courtroom builds in Victoria and across Australia. During the early design stage, ICE Design were challenged to identify ways in which processes could be delivered more effectively and robustly using flexible solutions that suited the varying demands of a multi-jurisdictional courtroom.

Although the core operations and room layouts for the Shepparton courtrooms remain unchanged the underlying technology has leveraged the robustness, flexibility and cost-efficiency of IT network infrastructure to readily transport audio, video and control traffic potentially anywhere in the building. The future relocation or addition of audio visual equipment in response to the changing demands of a court is simplified. For the first time in Australia, the judicial bench will be fitted with a permanent video conference facility to support remote video links for circuit judges.